Webcast Package 2012_01 Part A

Webcast Package 2012_01 Part A

10 webcast files 622 minutes (10h and 22min) playing time. All files are zipped in one file: webcasts1201_001.zip (943MB size). Windows Media Video files in webcast quality only. It can be played on computers and devices that support this format.

20120101_You Love Them You Feed Them and then You Eat Them.asf (76min - 78,6MB)
During the whole year we are celebrating many different occasions, ceremonies and festivals. In those moments we are full of happiness and joy. But we are not aware and educated enough to think about, that because of our way of celebrating, millions of animals are getting tortured and killed. The way as the events are celebrated is very wrong. Our lifestyle is the cause for the suffering and torturing of millions of animals. Nobody of us would ever like, that any kind of pain is suffered by us. As long as we do not awake mercy in our hearts for all, as long as we do not care for the animals too, our world cannot be happy and in this world it cannot be the peace. The positive and beautiful things, done with love, kindness, understanding and compassion, with spiritual thinking and prayers, will have always a very positive result. We can change our habits for the benefit of a better, healthier, peaceful and harmonious world.

20120102_The Truth Is Very Hard To Digest 1.asf
20120102_The Truth Is Very Hard To Digest 2.asf (78min - 82MB)
Himalaya is the kingdom of Lord Shiva. The truth is very hard to digest. In this wordly ocean there are many dangerous sharks to destroy us, like kam, krodha, mada, lobha and ahamkar. Shiva is the first yogi, who showed to the mankind how to lead successful human life.

20120103_How To Purify Our Koshas.asf (53min - 54,3MB)
The human consciousness is folded into five layers, sheaths or koshas around the central point, containing the self. The kosha system refers to the different aspects as layers of subjective experience. Layers range from the dense physical body to the more subtle levels of emotions, mind and spirit. Psychology refers to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Together, all aspects make up our subjective experience of being alive. On our way of development it is necessary to purify all our koshas to create a spiritual energy and to make us holy and divine.

20120105_Feel The Presence of Your Teacher.asf (71min - 73,1MB)
Everything has its own dharma. Sometimes we have to stop and wait, obstacles can come. Whatever is happening is arranged by God. God is perfect, we are imperfect. We should protect our dharma, sadhana. Feel the presence of your teacher and keep His words in your mind. Don't think you are out of the situation. Every negative thought will come back on you. Keep your Gurubhakti, wisdom, vairagya and spiritual practice.

20120106_We Need The Right Knowledge.asf (67min- 131MB)
Prevention is much better than treatment. There are 16 Vidyas, kinds of knowledge, according to the Indian philosophy, which are very important for the humans to learn. One of them is the right knowledge of cooking. Our ancestors still had the knowledge to cure all different diseases in the body through their cooking knowledge. Eating is not only to enjoy our taste but it is essential for our health to balance our koshas. When one of the koshas is ill then our balance and our happiness is lost. The nourishment effects from the body first our astral form and radiates then back to the body. We need the right knowledge to keep us healthy and our life happy.

20120107_Protect Your Light Of Spirituality.asf (63min - 123,2MB)
Our nature is peace, purity and divine, but our wishes, our longing and desires creates the waves of restlessness and draws our attention in different directions. All of us we have the light of God. If we are constantly on the layer of positive thinking and satsang with the peace within and contentment, then that light is bright and reflects until a certain distance. Purification of the antahkaranas through practicing of mantras, prayers, doing selfless service, this is the way to our success and the divine light will awake in us. Through that light all negative karmas will burn away. If we are inside not strong enough, then our own thinking, our own negative words or negative visions can blow off the light of the spirituality.

20120108_Wake Up From The Sleep Of Ignorance.asf (58min - 112,8MB)
Satsang with Swamiji, Nepal. Life is struggling, but the Jivatman doesn't give up until he reaches his aim, becoming one with Brahman. Birth as a human is the chance to go to satsang and to reach self-realization. There are negative qualities which hinder us, and there are good qualities, which are our helpers. Gurudev tells us: Hurry up, wake up from the sleep of ignorance, do not miss the train to moksha.

20120109_The Keyword Is The Blessing.asf (55min - 108MB)
The layers of our body are connecting us with the outer world. We are influenced by our nourishment and environment. The Jivatman is very happy if everything is purified and clean. Yogic practices are influencing our five koshas very much. There are more techniques in Yoga in Daily Life and other systems too, which are only given from the master directly to the disciple. The key word is the blessing which includes a special mantra.The disciple has no right to give it further without any permission and if he does, it will not function. It will not open the door of the heart or it will not open the door of the Sahasrara Chakra. Only the successor of that spiritual path will be authorized to give the special techniques further. Then, it is on the disciple to practice, according to the system as it is, without making any changes, otherwise it will not function or the disciple will not have any success.

20120110_Different Techniques To Purify Our Koshas.asf (53min - 102MB)
There are different kinds of techniques to purify the five layers of our body, the koshas. Singing bhajans, praising the glory of God, performing sadhana and annusthana, fasting, chanting mantras and doing the prayers is not all what influences positively our purification process on the spiritual path, our inner world. It is essential to be aware of every single moment to realize what we are doing, thinking and speaking. Not to pollute everything with negativity but to purify our koshas with positive thoughts and actions. To know the qualities of our nourishment, taking the right food at the right time supports our tendency towards purity, the sattva guna, which will create a divine feeling and energy in and around our body, peace in the mind and finally the world peace through our inner peace.

20120111_Vedic And Hindu Dharma is A Way Of Life.asf (48min - 93MB)
Vedic dharma was practiced around the whole world. It is a way of life and not a religion. Every religion is manmade. Religion is the particular teaching of great masters or incarnations. Vedic Dharma is different than religion. The essence of the Vedas is called Vedanta and we can find it in two books, the Upanishads and the Puranas. There it is said, if you give one troubles, you will get troubles. If you support someone and give happiness, you will get happiness. The way is already clear and set. The only thing we have to do is to develop the discipline to follow the teachings without any doubt. If we surrender everything in God's hands then Gurudev will take upon himself the destiny of the devotee, and he will take care and give the blessings.

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