Webcast Package 2011_12 Part A

Webcast Package 2011_12 Part A

10 webcast files 480 minutes (8 h) playing time. All files are zipped in one file: webcasts1112_001.zip (691MB size). Windows Media Video files in webcast quality only. It can be played on computers and devices that support this format.

20111221_The 5 Koshas - The Layers of the Body.asf (51min - 48MB)
We have five different layers on the body which are covering our soul. The soul is the reflection of the Atman and is known as Jivatman. There are many layers between pure Atman and the Jivatman. This layers are the different bodies which we have to develop. They are influenced by actions which are done in different ways. The energy we get, comes through our food. Also the food has different qualities. What we eat influences our Koshas. We don't know from where our food comes and if food is taken away from somebody's rights, this cannot make us happy. What kind of food we eat, this will influence our mind, what kind of liquid we drink, like that our speech will be. When cooking and before eating, Yogis purify the energy which comes along with the food by chanting the eating Mantra.

20111223_Our Mind Can Turn Everything Up Side Down.asf (31min - 91MB)
Our mind is very mighty. He generally coordinates between the consciousness and sub consciousness and is working in the present time from the past time. He brings all different thoughts in form of vrittis which were hidden in our sub consciousness. A happy person can become suddenly unhappy. It can change the situations, it can change the relations, it can change the viewpoint of our intellectual thinking. The pollution is in our intellect and in our body, but not in the Atman. He is spotless. To see others as oneself is the first step to enlightenment. When this consciousness awakes in our mind, then the universal love will awake in our heart and we are one with our mind and consciousness.

20111224_Intellect needs proper guidance.asf (43min - 129MB)
Satsang with Swamiji from Nepal. Jivatma got human body. The human existence is endless. Powers are existing in the universe are existing in the human body. Human intellect is very powerful, creative, needs discipline. Your intellect, vigyanamaya kosha will lead you to your aim. We need practicing and good company to develop good habits. Intellect should be active, and colored with kindness, love, mercy. Rajas and sattva guna are also present in intellect. It needs proper education.

20111225_When The Light Comes - Darkness Disappears.asf (25min - 49MB)
We are worrying so much. We are attached to many things and we have the feeling of my and yours. This is the problem in the whole world. Selfishness appears and we do not use our viveka. In the whole world is struggling and we all have many problems and are longing for many things.This are burning desires. But when we came to the shelter of Gurudev, there at least we should not have any worries or anything. Near Gurudev there are suddenly waves of harmony and love. When the light comes, the darkness disappears. Where all our worries should disappear, there is our temple or ashram, our church or pagoda, mosque or any spiritual place. We sit there and surrender everything. We surrender all our burdens and we feel relaxed and free.

20111226_Practice Humbleness.asf (51min - 99MB)
The Vigyanmaya Kosha is also known as the sheath of intelligence, the knowledge, the learning, the wisdom. There are two kinds of wisdom. Apara Vidya, with this we are learning everything for our life and existence in this world. It is temporary. After the life, it will disappear. Para Vidya helps the soul to be liberated. It is that science of the entire universe. Through this we achieve our perfections, the supernatural powers, the knowledge of past present and future. Para Vidya will remain with us and we can learn it only through our spiritual practices and under the guidance of a master. It leads us automatically to the self realization. But we have to clean all our invisible layers and curtains and one of the best ways is to practice humbleness.

20111227_Seva And Ahimsa Is Love.asf (22min - 43MB)
Satsang with Swamiji from Nepal. Seva, selfless service and ahimsa, the love to all living beings and plants, is the best practice to purify all our koshas, the five coverings of the Atman, the Self. Karma Yoga is selfless service and in this, all different Yogas are included. Seva means also to protect the nature and mother Earth. We have to see what we did with the nature. If we do not have Bhakti Yoga, the love to all humans, the love to all creatures, plants and nature, we will not protect anything. First we need to understand. Only love will take care. Love is protection. If we are angry, if we are jealous, if we have attachment, we do not have the love.

20111228_Satsang with Swamiji from Nepal.asf (63min - 75MB)
Satsang with Swamiji from Nepal

20111229_Everyone Wants To Be Happy.asf (45min - 47MB)
Day and night every creature is running behind or trying to be happy. No one wants to be unhappy. Our happiness or unhappiness depends on our way of thinking. The negative intellect creates fear within oneself. Out of fear we are angry, jealous, greedy, arrogant and out of the fear we show our ego, our force and power. The negative intellect leads to the distraction of all our koshas, because our vigyanmaya kosha is not perfectly purified and clean. The positive intellect is crystal clear, transparent and has the ability to understand everything. Nothing will make him angry. Therefore, the vigyanmaya kosha has to be purified constantly and this happens through our mantra practice. Through mantras and prayers we can purify all mental worries.

20111230_Amrit Sagar - Ocean of Immortality.asf (66min - 68MB)
Afternoon satsang with Swamiji from Pokhara, Nepal. Amrit means nectar. Sagar is the ocean. From the ocean of knowledge comes the cloud and it rains words of wisdom. Who dives into this nectar becomes immortal. He receives Atma-Gyana. There are different qualities of the nectar. Gyan amrit is the nectar of wisdom. The Divine flow of energy comes after long time practicing the mantras, kriyas, bhakti and karma yoga. When cleaning, we are not only cleaning the material things outside but it is also one of the best ways to clean the different levels of our mind. If we are in the amrit sagar we have understanding for everybody and everything. If there is ignorance and attachment, then we are still in the duality and we cannot experience the divine flow of the amrit sagar.

20111231_New Year Blessing from Nepal.asf (83min - 85MB)
Afternoon satsang with Swamiji from Pokhara, Nepal. Good wishes from Swamiji and from bhaktas speaking on many different languages.

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